Together with Christoph, Christian and Jerome, I will be representing the Blue Obelisk movement on the first First Workshop on Chemoinformatics in Europe with the topic Research and Teaching. Though I wonder what this theme excludes? Development? Can’t imagine that commercials companies will not be represented as usual. Moreover, it will likely include some bioinformatics too, unless you consider that to deal with sequences only.

I have my laptop with me, and, of course, the Blue Obelisk Live CD 2 on which the mouse now actually works. Bioclipse 0.9.1 does not work, though; will report that bug later.

My work schedule for the train ride:

  • Work on my manuscript
  • Integrate Todd Martin’s SMILES and QSAR work
  • Work on the next CDK News
  • Think about InChI creation in Bioclipse, using OpenBabel