November last year, I reported my plans to develop a live CD with all our favorite chemo- and bioinformatics software. Bioclipse requires Java5 and sort of still depends on the Sun JVM (I will experiment with classpath-generics later), but is now distributable with operating systems. So, I made a Kubuntu derived operating system with OpenBabel, Jmol, PyMOL, Bioclipse, and, on systems level, the chemical MIMEs and kfile_chemical, wich extends the desktop with chemistry awareness. In addition, I added the Blue Obelisk Data Repository, all CDK News issues, and the full NMRShiftDB data in CML format.

The iso image can be downloaded, and is really a first set up. Bioclipse does not work, but much of the rest does. Please download it (about 625MB) and experiment with it, and leave your comments with this blog item.