This blog deals with chemblaics in the broader sense. Chemblaics (pronounced chem-bla-ics) is the science that uses computers to solve problems in chemistry, biochemistry and related fields. The big difference between chemblaics and areas such as chem(o)?informatics, chemometrics, computational chemistry, etc, is that chemblaics only uses open source software, open data, and open standards, making experimental results reproducible and validatable. And this is a big difference!

Post history

One reason for me to start this copy of my original blog is that each post gets a versioned history. This allows me to update blog posts, without loosing its history. Moreover, updated links will come with an icon to indicate the change:

  • : this link now points to the Internet Archive archived link
  • : this link points to the current link, sometimes only equivalent
  • : this link is no longer working, but kept for future reference

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