Last week I attended the Open Science Retreat (#osr24nl) in a quite and relaxing region in North-Holland. The meeting was how I like all meetings to be (and I count myself lucky many of my meetings are like this): open, welcoming, constructive, diverse, and intellectually challenging. Not all scientific meetings are like this and it is easy to end up going to obligatory meetings where the discussions are of a different level. Therefore, great thanks to the organizers, but also to all participants, that showed not just to have a hearth for open science (getting pretty common), but also a drive to advocate for open science. Finally, I like to thank the people that joined me in creating nanopublications for CiTO annotations (will blog about that later), and to Sadik and Marija with whom we worked on exploring using Wikibase for capturing knowledge about research waste in ecology (more about that later too).