This blog is almost 18 years old now. I have long wanted to migrate it to a version control system and at the same time have more control over things. Markdown would be awesome. In the past year, I learned a lot about the power of Jekyll and needed to get more experienced with it to use it for more databases, like we now do for WikiPathways.

So, time to migrate this blog :) This is probably a multiyear project, so feel free to continue reading it hear. Why? Because I start with the old posts :) Along the way, I am fixing things, improving it. I still have plenty on my todo list, but already happy with having learned Font Awesome, which makes it easy to annotate with how I fixed broken links (or not). I now use three icons: a box for when I use the Internet Archive (they can use your donation); a ‘recycle’ icon when I found a new URL for the same page; and a broken URL link for other situations.

This is what it looks like:

Screenshot of the landing page of the new blog platform.