If you are a scientist you have heard about the ORCID identifier by now. If not, you have been focusing on groundbreaking research and isolated yourself from the rest of the world, just to make it perfect and get that Nobel prize next year. If you have been working on impactful research, Nobel prize-worthy, and have been blogging and tweeting about your progress, as a good Open Scholar, you know ORCID is the DOI for “research contributors” and you already have one yourself, and probably also that T-shirt with your own identifier. Mine is 0000-0001-7542-0286, and almost 1.3M other authors got one too. The list of ORCIDs on Wikipedia is growing (and Wikidata), thanks to Andy Mabbett, whom also made it possible to add your ORCID on WikiPathways.

Anyway, what I was pleased to see today that you can now log in with your ORCID identifier with the Chemistry Central article submission system (notice the green icon):

Screenshot of the Chemistry Central system login page with the normal username/password text boxes, but also a green ORCID logo to login via ORCID.

Many other publishers allow logging in with your ORCID too, which benefits many:

  1. authors who just enter a list of ORCID identifiers, instead of a long list of author names and affiliations
  2. publishers, which have a simpler submission system and get more accurate information about submitters
  3. funding agencies which can more easily track what is done with the research funding
  4. research institutes which can more easily track what their employees are studying

Don’t have one yet? Get your very own ORCID here.