AJCann posted a blog today about what he doesn’t like about Mendeley. Abhishek replied that he does not like people complain about one tool, instead of pointing out a good alternative. Mendeley has two alternatives, Zotero and CiteULike (there is also Connotea, but got behind in evolution).

Agreeing with @citeulike and @abhishektiwari, as a service provider any bad news is good news too: they provide opportunities to improve. So, as encouraged to do so, I reported my long list of things I miss in CiteULike:

  • @citeulike ok, one more. wish #18: get readermeter.org to also support citeulike
  • @citeulike wish #17: allow people linking between papers in their libs using CiTO to annotate how they cite papers, see http://ur.ly/lBUO
  • @citeulike wish #16: I think I saw images from some papers, right? how about doing that for #biomedcentral journals too?
  • @citeulike wish #15: at the same http://ur.ly/lIGn page, the tag cloud should reflect tag use with font sizing
  • @citeulike wish #14: upon ‘post url’, the first page with extraced information should allow marking as ‘I am author’ (cannot find that)
  • @citeulike (new) wish #12: clicking an account name should get me to a public portal, rather than just his paper list
  • @citeulike good point, wish #13: be more strong on requiring people to tag papers… and use article keywords as default tags
  • @citeulike wish #11: remove ‘no-tag’ from tag clouds
  • @citeulike wish #10: support #RDF export with BIBO and/or PRISM
  • @citeulike wish #9: use #foaf for the RDFa for account pages, and to mark up friends
  • @citeulike wish #8: and more generally, make #citeulike part of the #linkeddata network (provide an #rdf API)
  • @citeulike wish #7: start using RDFa, e.g. with the PRISM ontology
  • @citeulike wish #6: on an article page (like http://ur.ly/lvWk) summarize the network that bookmarked that article, not just the acc names
  • @citeulike wish #5: don’t show the ‘copy’ button for papers that are already in my archive (really a bug)
  • @citeulike indeed, but don’t or do it right… wish #4: allow people to have that link automatically point to an external blog
  • @citeulike wish #3: provide summaries of lists, like article count per journal and article count per year
  • @citeulike well, I’ll use the blog functoinality to summarize… wish #2: do not try to be a blogging platform
  • @citeulike (new) wish #1: put automatically focus on text field after clicking search and select all text for easy deletion

The reports are now also available in the fora of CiteULike.