Roland Krause discussed today in his blog Notes from the Biomass an interesting website: . This website, still marked BETA, mines blogs in the field of genomics and extract noteworthy statistics from it: which articles are cited in those blogs.

For example, the most discussed article is Kai Wang’s Gene-function wiki would let biologists pool worldwide resources in Nature. Additionally, links to the DOI, PubMed and shows which blogs discuss the article.

Wow. This really shows what happens when you start doing things in a semantic way!

Now, what does this mean to the molecular web? We already have chemistry enriched blogs, i.e. CMLRSS . Now, let’s make a website that mines chemoinformatics blogs in the same way that does, and not stick with statistics for article citations, but add statistics for citing molecules too! Start discussing the molecules we find in our CMLRSS feeds!