This sunday starts the first German Chemoinformatics Conference in Goslar. It’s an interesting programme , with presentations on the InChI, PubChem, 25 years of chemoinformatics, the chemical semantic web, and much more.

Among these presentations is mine, on comparing crystal structures (PDF ) and deducing cell parameters. But I’m having a poster on QSAR too.

I’ll arrive on saturday afternoon in Goslar, so leave a message at the conference hotel if you want to meet up, and talk about my work, or yours, or the CDK, KDE, JChemPaint, Jmol, kfile_chemical, Kat/Chemistry, BlueObelisk, Eclipse, R, or whatever else… I plan to have a modest german meal and one or two beers in the evening.

BTW, after Belém (Lissabon), Sintra, Boppard, Kinderdijk, Hoorn and Cologne, it’s the 7th UNESCO world heritage site I’m visiting in just 14 months! Can’t we just have conferences in Hawaii and sorts, like they do in other fields?? Oh, wait, we do: EuroQSAR is on a cruise boat.