Most Dutch chemists have their annual Lunteren meeting, so do I. Lunteren is a small village on the Veluwe where nothing much can be done, except for listening to the presentations. I participate in the Lunteren meeting for analytical chemists, i.e. HPLC, MS, GC and all their combinations upto and including HPLC/MS/MS, and since a few years the Lab-on-a-Chip stuff. And, as such, in many cases a lot of details on how to use and develop these methods.

For a computational chemist, this often is too much practical detail on too little -ics. Fortunately, the proteomics, genomics, etc is a strong upcoming funding subject, so data analysis is getting in their picture too. Which is good for someone with a chemometrics/chemoinformatics background as funding in that area is getting smaller every year.

My presentation went reasonable well, as far as I can tell myself. I was very nervous with both my professor and some 150 other people in the audience, but managed to not wander off the main topic. However, I was told to be a bit too monotone, but that’s an unfortunate effect of being so nervous.