Jerome Pansanel contributed new patches for kfile_chemical; on Monday actually, but I have been busy with other things, among which a presentation I have to give next Monday for some 100+ analytical chemists. The patch adds support to KDE for five new chemical MIMEs: XYZ, Mol2, SMILES, VMD and GenBank. Therefore, I just released a new version (0.10), and added an announcement to

As a reminder, version 1.0 will have all chemical mime types supported, after which I will initiate a process to formalize the meta data we want the kfile plugins to give, which will lead to the 2.0 release. So far, I had in mind that the next step was to make the plugins ready for KDE 4.0, but I became aware of the mime magic as implemented in KMimeMagic.

So, concluding, I might squeeze in another beta release 3.0, where this magic gets addressed; knowing that it will definately not work for all files, but hopefully it will for files with stupid file extensions like .log.