Less then three months before the end of my contract of my PhD project. And not nearly done yet. Weekends are now spend on wrapping up bits of experimental research into something like a coherent article. And even lot’s of calculations to do to answer the open questions. FreeMind is helping me organize thoughts.

Opensource chemoinformatics is a welcomed diversion now and then. Working on some easy-to-fix CDK bugs yesterday, like the QueryAtomContainer now correctly updated for the recent cdk.interfaces changes . Fixed now. I also touched a lot of code when updating the FSF address in the LGPL license notice, and when I modified the construction of CDKException ’s to set the causing Throwable. Also helped out Carsten a bit with adding his data from Kalzium to the Blue Obelisk data repository .

Another nice diversion is The Battle for Wesnoth. Just got killed, though.