2023 has been a long year in which a lot happens. Two EU projects ended (RiskGONE and NanoSolveIT; more about that in a later post), our group leader Chris Evelo will retire this year, the ELIXIR Toxicology Community started (see this post), the new WikiPathways website launched (see this post), and a lot, lot more.

But this post is about the upcoming PhD defences of Andra Waagmeester and Marvin Martens:

  • January 16, 16:00: Andra Waagmeester on “Biological Pathway Abstractions: From Two-Dimensional Drawings to Multidimensional Linked Data”
  • January 29, 16:00: Marvin Martens on “Adverse Outcome Pathways Coming to Life Exploring New Ways to Support Risk Assessments”

Both meetings have a minisymposium in the morning, related to their thesis topics. I am very much looking forward to these meetings. It’s hard to summarize in a few words what they contributed to open science in general and to the data sciences in biology. So, I rather invite you to join the afternoon PhD defences. I think the PhD theses will become freely avialable after the defence, but you can always check the literature lists on their above linked Scholia pages.

Or ask them questions on Mastodon: @Marvin and @Andrawaag.