This week the next WikiPathways NAR Database issue paper was published (doi:10.1093/nar/gkad960). It is the next paper in a series of papers about the evolution of the Open Science project for making biological pathways available in a Open and FAIR way. This year, it described that significant move away from MediaWiki. It simply was too costly to keep up with the upstream code base (think: more than 200 thousand euro costly). This paper describes a transition to a modular system with Jekyll and Markdown as new platform technologies. The full details are available as open notebook science: everything is basically a git repository.

The is the workflow of what the new platform does when a new pathway (version) gets added to WikiPathways:

Workflow that is triggered by an added or changed GPML file, eventually triggering an update of the website.

The upgrade of the whole stack is, however, in full swing. Not everything has migrated yet and the RDF generation is not for example.